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Load Rejection Tests of PLTU CILACAP 1x1000 MW

01 / 11 / 2019 - Press Release

Load Rejection Tests of PLTU CILACAP 1x1000 MW

PLTU Cilacap, Central Java - PLTU Cilacap 1x1000 MW had successfully performed its load rejection tests on November 1, 2019. The load rejection tests were at the 75% and 100% of unit capacity 1000 MW. This success story began with the firstly maximum generated electricity on October 22, 2019 ago.

By having those load rejection tests successfully performed, we continue to perform the Reliability Run for the next 168 hours to ensure that the power plant is delivering electric power with the reliable capabilities.

PT D&C Engineering is committed to serve the clients for the best service in order to support the electricity in Indonesia, especially in Java. Hopefully this PLTU Cilacap 1x1000 MW could give more supply and reliability of electric grid in Java.