Achievements 2013

Training Center Cilacap

09 / 01 / 2013 - Project Date

Training Center Cilacap The Power Training Center is located in Jalan Lingkar Timur, Karangkandri in Cilacap Town, Central Java, Indonesia, with the Cilacap 2 300 MW Coal Fired Steam Power Plant to the east and the Indian Ocean to the south. With most advanced simulation systems, perfect teaching equipment and beautiful surrounding scenery, the training center offers a good learning environment and ensures a high-efficiency training process. The course will cover all substances related to the operation and maintenance of a Chinese coal fired steam power plant, mainly the practical aspects, such as applied technology, standard operating procedures, trouble shooting, maintenance and asset management as well. Objectives of the training The objective of the training is mainly to give practical knowledge, skill and attitude to the engineers and operatos to enhance their competencies. This activity will lead the engineers and operators to have capacity to face real work in the operation and maintenance of coal fired steam power plant, manage the assets, solve the problems and have sound ability to plan and conduct engineering and management of a modern power plant Power Training Center Building The Building Opening Ceremony Healing Garden Waiting Room Simulator Room Class Room Certification Process for Recognized Operator