Achievements 2010

PLTU Cilacap 2x300MW Unit #2

01 / 09 / 2010 - Project Date

Defect existing before overhaul Air leakage and block in air preheater led to the unit unable to operate in full load High pressure regulating valve #1 and #2 in turbine cant be open or closed fully Overhaul and Trial Operation Commisioned by S2P, D&C company carried out grade C+ for Unit #2 in September 2010 According to the actual condition of unit #2, the summary items for unit #2 overhaul that confirmed to be solved in total is as follows: boiler 123items, turbine 99items, electric 156items, i&c 21items, relay and protection 16items, coal handling 5items, ash removal 10items, chemical 7items September 9 2010 the unit #2 parallel off at 02.00. overhaul of grade C for unit #2 started. till september 21 2010 most of overhaul activities have finished and started the single equipmen debugging and finished on september 22 During the overhaul, the below main troubles were dissolved completely: unsmooth of high pressure regulating valves in turbine, corrosion to crack in two heads of generator-transformer system synchronic equipment, low output of boiler auxilliary equipment, much dust deposition and coking in boiler furnace and flue gas duct, big vibration in idf 2A, crack in heat exchanging elements including grid plats of air heater a and B, etc September 22 2010 the unit started up at 11.00 boiler started firing at 15.45 turbine started rotating at 17.30 september 22 2010, turbine rotation reached to rated speed 3000rpm and at 18.10 generator synchronized The man defects of unit #2 were eliminated totally through the minor overhaul. according to the regulations of the unit operation, at 18.10 september 22 2010, generator synchronized to the power grid for commercial operation after finished all test items the minor overhaul took 13days, 16hours and 10minutes from unit#2 parallel off to power grid Conclusion Overhaul of grade C+ has been accomplished at 18.10 September 22 2010 and inspected and accepted by s2p