Achievements 2012

PLTU Cilacap 2x300MW Unit #2

01 / 03 / 2012 - Project Date

PLTU Cilacap 2x300MW Unit #2 Overhaul Condition Commisioned by S2P in March 2012, D&C company carried out grade C+ for Unit #2 March 31 2012 the unit started up on June 5 at 11.20 generator synchronized The main defects of unit #1 were eliminated totally through the minor overhaul. According to the regulations of the unit operation at 11.20 June 5 2012 Generator synchronized to the power grid for commercial operation after finished all test items Conclusion Overhaul of grade C+ has been accomplished at 11.20 June 5 2012 and inspected and accepted by s2p