Achievements 2011

PLTU Cilacap 2x300MW Unit #1

10 / 02 / 2011 - Project Date

Defect existing before overhaul Air leakaga and block in air heater led to the unit unable to operate in full load Hydrogen need to be made up 500m3 per day due to bad leakage also cause hydrogen generation beyond its maximum largely Coal powder is not easy to be made by coal mills, which affects the Unit operation with load Overhaul and trial operation Commisioned by S2P in February 2011, D&C company carried out grade C+ for Unit #1 According to the actual condition of Unit #1, the summary items for Unit #1 overhaul that confirmed to be solved in total is as follows: boiler 176items, turbine 122items, electric & protection 211items, i&c 147items, bop 51items April 2 2011, unit #1 paralled off at 03.15. Overhail of Grade C+ for Unit #1 started. Till April 16, 2011 most of overhaul activities have finished and started the single equipment debugging, finished on April 19 The air heater cleaning work was conducted by D&C and subcontractor and the cleaning work was completed as schedule. For the hydrogen leakage in generator, the oil dampers, bearing and bushing in two sides of generator were dismantled, and we found that rubber gasket behind sealing pedestal in exciter side was damaged by air flow. After replaced sealing bushing, spring, sealing pedestal gasket and sealing bracket gasket, the hydrogen leakage was eliminated at last. Coal mill A and B were dismantled for overhaul, and coal mill C, D and E were checked for overhaul during the C+ overhaul and the defect of hard making coal powder was eliminated. April 19 2011 the unit started up on April 20 at 05.58 generator synchronized The main defects of unit #1 were eliminated totally through the minor overhaul. According to the regulations of the unit operation at 05.58 April 20 2011 Generator synchronized to the power grid for commercial operation after finished all test items The grade C+ overhaul took 18days, 2hours and 43minutes from unit #1 parallel off to parallel to power grid Conclusion Overhaul of grade C+ has been accomplished at 11.00 April 21 2011 and inspected and accepted by s2p