Achievements 2010

Overhaul Stacker Reclaimer Grade A PLTU Cilacap 2x300MW

01 / 03 / 2010 - Project Date

Defect existing before overhaul of sr #2 Gyration gear was seriously polluted by coal dust Wearable plate fell off, motor covers, coal hopper, local control boxes were seriously rusted A lots of test points were failure Rails, stairs and walking flat were seriously distorted Overhaul and Trial Operation Commisioned by S2P, Changsa D&C company carried out grade A for SR#2 in March 2010 During this overhaul, the mechanical, electric and I&C functions had been recovered. the main tasks in this overhaul projects are listed following: Repaired coupling and coupling drive device, replaces wear plates of damper and wearable plate Repaired grider drive device and gyration drive device; replaced gyration gear; maintained the old gear replaced Recovered the lubrication system Checked traveler and all the couplings with resilient Completed the replacement of oil and cleaning Replaced hydraulic elbows Replaced rusted protecting covers, rails, stairs, walking, flat adn maintenance boxes Replaced communication cable Completed all the repairing of protection devices of SR#2 Carry out the single unit test and joint load test Overhaul of SR#2 had been finished on April 16 2010. then commissioning was successful and the operation conditions was good. Thus all the work SR#2 overhaul had been completed. Now the condition of SR#2 has been recovered into factory condition Conclusion Grade A overhaul of SR#2 has been finished at 17.00pm April 16 2010 handed over to inspected and accepted S2P formally Overhaul of grade C+ has been accomplished at 10.00 February 11 2010 and inspected and accepted by s2p